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Q: Why won't my phone pair with Kirio?

Your phone, tablet or other smart device is not able to pair with Kirio.

A: Inability to pair can be due to multiple causes.

Please review the possible solutions below.

Follow pairing instructions

Before you try to resolve any issues with the pairing process, please carefully read the instructions for initial pairing found here.

Reminder: In order to pair, your Kirio must be connected to your router and your phone must be on the same network as Kirio.

There are 3 possible situations that can cause the inability to pair your device:

1) Master user conflict

Is it possible someone paired to the Kirio system prior to you (eg. real estate agent, property manager or builder). Their device may not be available to confirm you as an approved user.

You can wipe all the devices paired to the Kirio system using the 'MagicButton.' After pressing the specific sequence of clicks of the 'MagicButton' you will be able to pair and take control of the Kirio system.

Instruction for resetting all users:

  1. Press the MagicButton for 2 long clicks.
  2. The LED will change color to confirm you have enabled "User reset mode."
  3. Then confirm the user reset by pressing the MagicButton with 5 short clicks.

The next user to pair a device after this will become the Master user. All other requirements for pairing still apply.

For more information regarding resetting users or other MagicButton functionality, please visit this article.

2) Device issues

Some devices, especially budget-friendly android phone/tablets, may not properly implement the required network device discovery protocols or may not even support them at all.

There is no solution that Kirio can provide to remedy this. Please try again with another device.

3) Network issues

Some routers may by default disable the required network device discovery protocols. Depending on the manufacturer of your router, these protocols may be referred to as:

  • DLNA
  • UPnP
  • Bonjour
  • mDNS, or
  • LAN-WLAN Multicast

Please ensure the appropriate settings are enabled. This requires accessing the settings page of your router, gateway or switch and enabling this setting.

Example of a Ubiquiti access point settings page, highlighting the required setting to be disabled.

Example of a Ubiquiti access point settings page, highlighting the required setting to be disabled.

Still need help?

The Kirio customer service team is here for you.