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Creating a scenario from the Kirio app


Scenarios are a simple but powerful way to group the execution of multiple devices.

You can start with simple scenarios, but add more advanced settings as you gain confidence. (See the articles about event triggers and celestial triggers)

Scenarios are super fun and can do a lot for you to simplify your daily chores!

Step-by-step guide

  1. Tap on the menu or the Scenarios shortcut to access the Scenarios page.
  2. Tap on + Create new to add a new scenario.
  3. Give the scenario a name which will quickly allow you to know what the scenario does.
  4. Select a background color. The start and end colors allow you to be creative with your scenario tile.
  5. Select the first device you want to adjust by selecting the room where it is located. Don't worry, you'll be able to add more devices later.
  6. In the Adjust Device section, only controllable items are shown. Click on + or tap and hold to drag the control in the command section.
  7. Adjust the parameter to the desired outcome. (eg. adjust a setpoint or turn on a light). Please note that the actual device will not operate. The device will only change when you run the saved scenario.
  8. Add as many controls you want to adjust. You can change the execution order by ordering the controls.
  9. Once you've set all the parameters, you can move forward. Tap Save to complete your first device. This action also saves the scenario.
  10. If you need to add more devices, tap on Add and follow the instructions in steps 5-9.
  11. To adjust or delete any devices in the scenario, swipe left on a device to expose the Adjust and Delete buttons. Tap on the appropriate button.
  12. To edit scenario details, such as the name and tile color, from the Details tab of that scenario.


By default, Master users can see all scenarios created by every user. If you want other (non-Master) users to see your scenarios, turn on Share scenario in the Details tab. This will enable all users to execute and edit your scenario.

You can edit saved scenarios from the Scenarios page by long-pressing on the scenario tile and tapping on the pencil icon.

You can delete saved scenarios from the Scenarios page by long-pressing on the scenario tile and tapping on the trashcan icon.

Running and testing your scenarios

  • On the Scenarios page, tap on the scenario tile to activate it.
  • Within the scenario edit page, click on the scenario execution button:
  • Devices will list scenarios in which they are included under the Manage tab of each device, simply tap on the scenario tile.


Kirio scenarios take devices from one state to the next (i.e., turn a light on, closes a lock or adjust a blind). You will need to create another scenario if you'd like to reverse or further adjust the devices.

You cannot adjust a single device twice within the same scenario.


Still need help?

The Kirio customer service team is here for you.

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